Saturday, December 06, 2014

Christian Leaders... 1 Peter 2:13-14?

I've just started reading Use of Force Investigations, written by a training officer with over 30 years in the field. This book was written in 2012, before Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, or Michael Brown. As a Christian who respects those who put their lives on the line for you and me, who adheres to Romans 13 and Peter's commands to obey "every human institution" over us, I think the following words should be read by many who forget this dangerous profession. I think perhaps Russell Moore, and others speaking up and saying the wrong words, should also read this. They are in prominent positions. As thus, they should think much more deeply before they speak:
"Now, like never before, law enforcement use of force is under the microscope...... Special interest groups with traveling 'activists' will arrive in a town post use of force incident and make condemning statements about a police agency, its methods, corruption, racial bias and more. With no accountability they ignore the truth and facts of a case to further their agenda.

Even chiefs of police and other department brass, for political reasons or to serve their own career goals and self-interests, will oftentimes throw a good officer under the bus after a shooting, in custody death or use of force captured on video that, 'looks bad.'

This maelstrom of madness after a use of force incident does not include the seemingly inevitable civil litigation that may arise after a use of force incident.

Nationwide criminal prosecution of officers involved in use of force incidents is on the upswing. Officers are being charged with criminal violations in shootings and other use of force incidents.

Forgotten in all this mess is a lonely and forgotten man or woman in uniform who, with little or no training by his or her agency on use of force, has gotten into a knock down fight for his life with some three time convicted violent criminal. Afraid in the dark or in the light, they were just trying to keep from being assaulted after the academy taught come-along or defensive tactic failed and the suspect just wouldn't let them get his arms behind his back and the fight was on.

And yet valiant hard-working and dedicated male and female officers of all races and ethnic origins put their blue uniforms and duty belts on each day and go out and do 'it' every day.
God Bless them!"

[Pp. 1-2]

Prominent pastors on Twitter and YouTube, or pop writers turned pastors, will accrue pastor worshipers and make a mockery of you via the internet if you dare speak any warning to them. But to those pastors who are encouraging what is going on, I would--were they to listen--tell them to listen to the unheard cries of officers who go to bed at night feeling ashamed, scared for their families, or hated. You speak of Romans 13 and yet do no better with your words than the rebels on the street. Stop it!

It's Christmas time. Regardless of your political inclinations or views of specific cases, stop criminalizing this profession as a whole. Stop and thank someone that puts their lives on the line for you daily. Use your words more wisely.


Anonymous said...

Please, as a Christian make sure you understand what our laws are before you "uphold" them.

Many Christians think by supporting our officers and government no matter what that they are obeying Romans 13 when nothing could be further from the truth.

We must understand the foundation which is our common law rights and the Constitution before we can support any government and their means.

In America we are not a democracy like we are falsely led to believe but we are a Constitutional Republic who must uphold the people's rights against all enemies foreign and domestic.

The people are the ultimate authority and whenever our government gets to a point of destroying that freedom we not only have the right but the duty to abolish and set up another government who will obey the rights of the people.

This is not lawlessness it's actually what our law says. Read the Declaration of Independence. You may already know this so I'm not speaking to you as if you do not know but just in case, I wanted to inform you as we are losing our country and it's due to our ignorance, so we are hardly obeying God. You may be interested in watching this. It's a bunch of Sheriffs discussing how we need to get back to actually obeying the law by understanding the Constitution and our common law rights.

Adam Cummings said...


First, I don't typically feel the need to respond to those who post anonymously. No offense meant. But, for the sake of those who may read the comment, let me respond quickly. I actually just saw your response (been a while since I've blogged).

First, I never suggested supporting law enforcement "no matter what". So, already, what you say is a straw man response to something I never said.

Second, Romans 13 does actually teach unconditional submission, except where the government commands what God forbids or forbids what He commands. That is the testimony of Scripture, if you read it clearly and simply. Nero was governor when Paul wrote Romans 13. Even I know enough history to know that Nero wasn't exactly a fairy prince who sang Broadway tunes and danced through his palace. Actually, he lit humans on fire for human lamps. Yet, Paul says "submit". If we only submit when the one we are commanded to submit to is perfect, we won't ever submit. But Scripture says we must, and we must live quiet and peaceable lives, to a large degree. I'm not saying there isn't a time for action, but I don't see anywhere in Scripture where force against your government is okay (recall David recognizing God's anointing of Saul, who tried to kill David).

Third, I'm a bit confused. You say "In America we are not a democracy", then you say "the people are the ultimate authority" (this is actually the definition of a democracy, "mob rule", or rule of the people). But, yes, I agree with are a constitutional republic.

Fourth, I am a Christian first, and a conservative under that. Thus, regardless of what the founding fathers--most of whom were far from orthodox Christians--said, Scripture tells me to respect and obey my government. Not to stand by idly when they do evil and speak/act against it, but, ultimately, submit to them. And, never do I see allowance to war against those God has placed over me.

One may say, "Ah HA! So was the war for independence evil and rebellious?" I would answer, probably so. But, I am thankful for the country God brought about from that rebellion. This doesn't mean the rebellion was right.

Thank you for the link to the video. It sounds good, although I'm not sure I have an hour to watch the whole thing. I am for the constitution and I believe the government should be held to it.

But, I'm a Christian first, and Scripture does--regardless of your last post--demand that we respect and ultimately submit to governing authorities, calling them to judge and rule righteously at the same time.

More to the point, and back to simplistic reasoning and logic, most policemen are family minded men, and many have given their lives protecting their communities. To equate patriotism and conservative value to a hatred or disrespect for men in blue, white and black officers alike (and countless other races/cultures/backgrounds), is laughable.

One of the reasons we are losing our country is in fact this lawlessness I have described. And it IS lawlessness.

Our president is also aiding in this rebellion, setting up his federal police and dictatorial desires in its place. So, if you are concerned about protecting the constitution, that might be one more reason to show a little respect for those sacrificing their very lives--leaving mothers and children behind--for ungrateful rebels who view themselves as the law.

I don't want Obama's federalized police; nor do I want a democracy.

I want to be a Christian. And I want to respect those given such tremendous responsibility, rather than try to make their lives a living hell because of my "constitutional rights". Let's help create the harmony that constitution is intended to promote, and lets be Christians before we are conservatives.