Saturday, February 13, 2016

I've Got You -- Happy Valentine's Day, 2016, to my Angel!

I’ve Got You

Sometimes I lose sight again, and need to focus more
On all that God has done for me, though I’m vile to the core.
I see His grace in everything, I know He set us free,
I’ve got you and He has us, and--for sure, baby--you’ve got me.

White roses steeped in all their glory, captivate a while.
But they’re nothing when compared to you, and the beauty of your smile.

A snow mist day, a girl in green, a bright bag is to your side.
These pictures always stay with me, and easily come to mind.

I met you, miss, on a social site, limited characters formed our dates.
And quickly then we moved to Skype, and emojis were our fate.
But we never stopped or stilled the ship, when the waiting rocked our sea,
It’s been hard, tough, and certainly long, but--baby--you’ve got me.

There are days when we awake, and sin engulfs our hearts,
The darkness curls around the room, and every nook is dark.
Fog sets in and clouds our thoughts, and everything is wrong.
But, Christ, our rock amidst the storm, becomes our joyful song.

I see you, Angel, with all my friends, and around my family,
And I see for sure that you’re my one, that God prepared beforehand for me.
The biggest heart I’ve ever known, a smile filled with glee.
My mirror shows a sinful ignoramus, but baby--for what it’s worth--you’ve got me.

I know that Christ can see us through, and hold us through the storm, 
His death has killed the old we knew; and to His likeness we’re conformed.
His resurrection seals our future, new life for us is free,
Grace is the bedrock of our love, and--Tiny--you’ve got me.

We’ll never be a “perfect match”, nor will we be perfect,
We’ll make mistakes and fall some more, sometimes willfully and on purpose.
We’ll have days that don’t make sense, and days that bring us grief,
But even when we can’t see, love, just hold my hand… you’ve got me.

And if perhaps we die young, if the Lord should take us soon,
Let’s resolve to trust Him still, be strong, trusting though confused,
And if by grace long lives we live, let’s be steady and assured,
That though this life is passing soon, our future is secure.

God has brought me something real, something beautiful and true,
Your smile transcends all word and song, it gives me strength anew.
And every morning when I rise, I see the sun and misty dew,
I grin and wonder at the greatest gift:  baby girl, I have you.

~For Angel Amahoru    --    Valentine's Day 2016    --    By: Adam Cummings "Milii"~